Communications Engineering.

"It just has to work."

Treacherously simple as this may sound on a first glance, this poses the main challenge in communications engineering.

The phrase above is also a good example of human abstraction - the ability to find short, simple summaries of complex issues. The reverse path, from an abstract idea to a concrete product, is often not that easy. In order to grasp the task at all, it helps to proceed analytically.

"It" - the final product

As a rule, it is not entirely clear what is to be developed. Sometimes it just seems obvious, and as the development project progresses it becomes apparent that something else is required. That is in the nature of things - if you defined the task down to the last detail, you would already have the finished product in front of you.

"Just" - ease of use

By encapsulating or hiding complex technical mechanics from the user, the use of the product is simplified and what remains, for example, is "just a car" or "just a mobile phone".

"Has to" - the delivery promise

Important features of projects are their goals and time limits - the client wants to see a specific result within a certain period of time. This also applies to development projects.

"Work" - bug or feature?

The solution might not always work as intended. Well-specified requirements help us in labelling it as a bug or a feature. Occasionally we will adapt the specification based on observed behaviour, if the design process allows for it.
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