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Owner Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Leopold
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Commercial register court Landesgericht für ZRS Graz | FN 404777 k

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More About Me

I am a communications engineer with professional experience in the automotive industry and a degree in telematics, specializing in digital signal processing. Eventually, in 2013, i founded Leopold Communications e.U., both to tackle product engineering and for providing design services as a contractor.

My enthusiasm for communications engineering goes back to my childhood. I was fascinated by these coloured and black knobs, better known as tantalum electrolytic capacitors, LEDs, ICs, resistors and much more. With great enthusiasm I devoted myself to my first electronics kit, in which at least half of the "tiny bulbs" (LEDs) seemed to work: they flashed briefly when I connected them to the 9V block provided (sic). Luckily I had polarized the other half the wrong way - that was the half that survived my first attempt. A little later I gained my first BASIC programming experience on a Commodore C128. VC-20 and more were before my time. Soon I wanted to delve deeper into the matter and got myself a book about assembly programming. Unfortunately though, without the appropriate assembler - so it ended up as a dry run for the time being.

So much for the first steps. A few decades later, things look different.

After successfully completing HTL (electrical engineering), studying (telematics, specializing on telecommunications and mobile computing, computational intelligence) and exciting projects in process technology, the automotive industry and semiconductor development, the situation has changed. I was able to find answers to many of my questions in the context of software and electronics development. Back then, I had never dared to dream that I would understand how a microprocessor works, how to simulate a network of neurons, how to downconvert radio signals to baseband, or that I would have any idea how a cell phone works. Thanks to my telematics studies and many interesting experiences in business life, I was able to participate in the development of a microcontroller, analyzed the modeling ability of neurons and developed my first medium-wave RX frontend.

In recent years I have realized that with this wealth of experience I can not only offer services, but also develop complete systems. I have also made these two elements part of Leopold Communications: design services with a focus on embedded systems and the development of simple communications technology devices.

What I like about working as a contractor is to spend time with like-minded people, who constantly show you new ways. What I love about product development is the challenge of meeting the end customer's expectations. These can be summarized with a seemingly banal sentence: It just has to work. In fact, this is one of the toughest challenges in product development. Technical systems naturally have certain limitations that can be deliberately exceeded / beyond which they no longer work. I see product development as a sensitive weighing of costs/development effort and customer expectations.
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